Ultra Destructible Label Material

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Immediate broken to be small pieces when removal is attempted.It can’t be returned as initial,deterring theft continue and protecting goods safety.

Immediate broken to be small pieces when removal is attempted.It can’t be returned as initial,deterring theft continue and protecting goods safety.

This type of ultra destructible label paper eggshell vinyl sticker is white and smooth, with a top coating that allows for excellent printability in your desired colors. It can also be imprinted using a thermal transfer printer and ribbon, if variable data is desired. Destructible vinyl exhibits low shrinkage and good dimensional stability. A thin facestock and aggressive acrylic adhesive facilitate the desired destructibility of this substrate. The adhesive creates a permanent bond to most surfaces.

Ultra Destructible Label Materials Application
1.Safety warning labels;
2.Licensing labels and tags;
3.Warranty seals;
4.Calibration seals;
5.Package seals;
6.Asset label;

Ultra Destructible Materials Types
1.White Destructible Label Materials
White destructible label material is a glossy white or matte white self-broken face-stock, is a most cost-effective option to secure packaging,documents,assets and goods.

2.Transparent Destructible Label Materials
Transparent destructible label material is a clear face-stock which immediately broken when removed, and topcoat is printability,including UV flexo,UV screen,UV inkjet,thermal transfer and HP Indigo.

3.Colored Destructible Label Materials
Colored destructible label materials can be made with any color,like silver,red,blue,black,yellow and so on.It is not the way to print a full color on the top surface,but the whole destructible paper is colored in & out.

4.Holographic Destructible Lalbel Materials
Holographic destructible lable materials are made with hologram laser technology on top of label-stock.The holograms can be customized with multi holographic technologies for high security purpose.

5.Co-Extruded Destructible Label Materials
Co-extruded destructible lable material is principally used as a base material for “security labeling”. It offers a versatile tamper evident paper which can be converted into shaped labels that will split if the label is removed after sealed.

6.Matalstrips Destructible Label Materials
Matalstrips Destructible Label Materials are made with metalstrips which displayed on face-stock randomly. Each security label is with a unique metalstrip display and impossible to copy. It is a good & effective solution to ensure the uniqueness of products and protect goods safety.

7.Water Contact Indicator Label Materials
water contact indicator label materials will with be changed to another color once contacting with water, and the face material become reluster and fuzzy,impossible to reused. This change is irreversible to show evidence of water interference.

Physical Properties
1.Face Material
Destructible Paper

-Custom is availabel

-35 microns
-50 microns
-65 microns
-80 microns
-Custom is availabel

4.Destructible Level
-easiest destructible
-medium destructible
-hard destructible


6.Release Liner
-Glassine Paper
-Craft Paper

-1060MM max

-1000M max

Our Product Advantage
1.Immediate destructibility on many surfaces;
2.Color, thickness and destructible levels can be customized;
3.Composed with multi security technologies is availabel;
4.Low shrinkage vinyl produces dimensionally stable labels without adhesive ooze or dirty edges;
5.Consistend, smooth film provides excellent press processing and printability;
6.Aggressive acrylic adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates,including metals,powder coated surfaces, and plastics,including many low surface energy materials;
7.Resistant aging and high temperature, no crack.

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Ultra Destructible Label Material

Face Stock

45 Microns Destructible Film




Easiest Destructible

Release Liner

80gsm White Glassine Paper

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